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 Connecticut  203 444 4248

New Hampshire    603 821 0030

For immediate assistance, call 203 376 5277​


Reveal Radar is New England's Choice for Utility Clearance, UST Locating and Concrete Scanning

Commercial and Residential. No Job Too Big or Small.

Locate Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) and Tank Graves

Locate Subsurface Pipes, Conduits and Electrical Lines

Clear Drilling and Excavation Areas

Clear and Mark-out Utilities

Our GSSI 2,000 MHz Concrete Antenna​ 

Will Ensure Safe Coring and Drilling

Safety should be the number one concern whenever you drill  or core through concrete.   Hitting an electrical line or a post tension cable can be very dangerous, not to mention very expensive to repair.  Our concrete antenna allows precise location of  rebar or other  conduits, cables or control lines.  This takes the guess work out of determining anchor points or coring locations.   Work  with confidence and above all, work safely.

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