Ground Penetrating Radar and Electromagnetic Utility Clearance 

Serving All of New England

Our Story

As part of an environmental company, we often sought out the services of GPR companies for all of our Phase II Environmental Site Assessments.  We relied on GPR and Electromagnetic equipment for utility clearance, boring and well clearance, as well as for UST location. Everyone associated with Reveal Radar has a background in Telecommunications, Environmental or the Construction industries.  We understand what our client's need and with offices in CT and NH, we are able to service all of New England. 


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a geophysical method used to detect and map subsurface structures and anomalies. GPR works much the same way as conventional radar used on aircraft and boats.  An energy pulse is transmitted into the earth and a receiver reads any reflection of that pulse and interprets it.    GPR is used to located objects such as Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) and tank graves, foundations and footings, burial graves and other subsurface structures before an excavation project is started.  Besides Environmental and construction applications, GPR is used by engineers to locate the reinforcement bars in concrete and by law enforcement for forensic applications.

Dig Safe
Save Time and Money!

This six inch pipe was encountered at approximately six feet below grade.  The repair took 3.5 hours, and contaminated soil had to be removed and disposed of in accordance with state and federal regulations.  A GPR survey might have avoided this costly delay and repair.

Why Us?

It was only natural to start Reveal Radar to economically utilize the service for our customers.  The next logical step was to offer the services at large.   Our offices in CT and NH allow us to serve all of New England. Reveal Radar currently uses the best equipment available from Geophysical Survey Systems Inc. (GSSI). Using the best equipment by itself does not assure superior results. However all Reveal Radar operators undergo training at the manufacturer's facilities for field data interpretation as well as for proper software use to clean and filter data. 
Reveal Radar uses a dual antenna system resulting in  better shallow data as well as deeper penetration. This also allows us to gather data from two different frequencies in one pass. Coupled with the SIR 4000 control unit, we can scan with either antenna, view both data at once with a split screen, or even view an enhanced bled of both data on a single screen.  This results in more reliable data on both ends of the usable spectrum. Our goal is to make all of your drilling and excavation activities as safe as possible. An added benefit is that knowing an area is clear reduces the amount of probe refusal and relocation. 3 or 4 core-bores that don't have to be relocated can cut an hour or more off the field time. We understand how tiring it can be at the tail end of a field day. LEPs, field techs and geoprobe operators know only too well how those last hours can drag out.  Don't let blind boring be the cause of the extra hours. Reveal Radar also offers concrete inspection and rebar mapping.  Call us and see what Reveal Radar can do for you.