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GPR & Locating Experie​nce

As part of an environmental company, we hired GPR companies for all of our Phase II Environmental Site Assessments. We relied on GPR and Electromagnetic equipment for utility location, boring and well clearance, as well as for UST location.  With a background in utility locating and extensive training with Comcast, AT&T and TCI Inc, using time domain reflectometers and RD equipment, it was a natural step to include GPR in our list of services.  We have also received extensive training from Geophysical Survey Systems Inc (GSSI) who are widely regarded as the world's best GPR manufacturer. We understand what our clients need and with offices in CT and NH, we are able to service all of New England. 


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a method used to detect and map subsurface structures and anomalies. GPR works much the same way as conventional radar used in aviation and marine applications. An energy pulse is transmitted into the earth and a receiver reads any reflection of that pulse and interprets it. GPR is used to located objects such as Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) and tank graves, foundations and footings, burial graves and other subsurface structures before an excavation project is started. Besides Environmental and construction applications, GPR is used by engineers and tradesmen  to locate rebar, conduits, post tension cables and other objects imbedded in concrete. 

Dig Safely

Save Time and Money!

This six inch pipe was encountered at approximately six feet below grade. The repair took 3.5 hours, and contaminated soil had to be removed and disposed of in accordance with state and federal regulations. A GPR survey might have avoided this costly delay and repair.

A Partial List of Reveal Radar Clients

ACORN Group New Haven

ATC Environmental

Sailer Environmental

NorthStar Environmental

Atlas Environmental


Town of Guilford, CT

Town of Branford, CT

Town of Madison, CT

Haz-probe Inc

D & A Construction

Pat Munger Construction

Testori Bros Excavating

Limewood Construction

Haz-Probe Inc

New Fairfield Auto

DRT of Danbury

Yale Bowl New Haven

Sunset Creek Realty

Scalzo Realty

Tanks Be Gone

SLR International Corp

Dow Realty

HTE Northeast

ICDS Guilford

Milone & MacBroom

Reveal Radar Projects

A 90 acre long term project with GPR and magnetometer in North Haven CT. Rebar mapping for conduit corridors from roof to basement in high-rise buildings in New Haven, Westport and Bridgeport. Utility and storm water route clearance for UNH athletic fields and Yale Bowl. Utility and route clearance for various power and water treatment plants. We have located underground storage tanks on commercial and residential properties found grave locations in existing graveyards, and various due diligence projects.

Reveal Radar is committed to serving  commercial/industrial clients as well as residential clients.. We understand that a simple tank or electrical wire location is just as important to a home owner as a complicated scan is for a plant manager.

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