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Underground Storage Tanks


Underground Storage Tanks, or USTs, were commonplace throughout the 1900s in both commercial and residential buildings. Many of theses USTs are still in place with petroleum products threatening to impact the environment. GPR offers the quickest and most reliable method of locating a buried tank or tank grave.

Concrete Scanning

GSSI 2,000 MHz Concrete Antenna with SIR 4000 Controller

Drilling or coring blindly through concrete runs the risk of hitting electrical lines or post tension cables.  This can be dangerous as well as extremely expensive to repair.  Our equipment will precisely mark out rebar, conduits and cables.  We can scan up to twelve inches or twenty four inches if both sides are accessible.  Work with​ confidence.  Avoid expensive repairs and above all, work safely!

Phase II Planning

Phase II ESA Planning

Reveal Radar can assist in planning a Phase II ESA by clearing boring, pit and well locations. This can save time as opposed to drill-rig refusal and relocation. Drill-rig and excavator operators simply love having the bore and pit locations cleared by GPR as it ensures safer and more efficient drilling and digging.


Call Before You Dig is a legal requirement for any drilling or excavation activities.  It is a wonderful resource however they do not usually mark out private property.  Reveal Radar picks up where they left off.  Buried electrical and control lines are often found even on residential properties. 

Radio Detection

Reveal Radar also utilizes a Radio Detection 5-watt multiple frequency, signal generator and receiver with a 300-foot traceable rod and  a Schonstedt magnetic locator.

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